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My first experience here was superb from the moment I first walked in. The lobby was inviting, the music calming, the interior with it's tasteful artwork and soft lighting, and last but certainly not least, the massage. It was thorough, thoughtful and best of all, effective. Highly recommended!


Reginald W.



I've been going here ever since they opened and the service has been outstanding. All of the masseuses give great massages. I've gone in with specific problems with my back and afterwards the pain and tension were gone. It's a very warm and professional atmosphere. I would definitely recommend them.


Kurt S.



I have been looking for a reliable massage place in my area and I would say Jun's Health and Day Spa is the ONE. The environment is so relaxing and calming. They are very professional and always fulfill my needs. I have always had back pain, but I experienced tremendous relief after my first visit. You can't go wrong with the price or the service. It is the best massage I have ever had. I highly recommend this place.


Kay L.



Trust me, Jun's masseuses know the points, muscle structure and joints. I was amazed. The employees are so nice and they treat me like family. I feel very relaxed at Jun's.


Linda T.



I just moved here and I had been looking for a good spa. Trust me, this place has it all. The body wrap was so amazing. I had never tried it before. At first I didn't have high expectations. I just wanted to try something different. And YES, it does make a big DIFFERENCE. My skin was glowing and smooth and during the session I was very relaxed. It was a plus that I had scale massage while having the wrap. I don't like to be left alone in the room and that part was great. My first experience was just awesome. And the facility is very relaxed and elegant. I definitely will bring my girlfriends. Thanks, Jun's. You guys rocks!!! :)


Kim P.



It was a very relaxing environment; very accommodating staff.





Be prepared to relax.





Very nice service. Clean spa, good technique and friendly.


Judy Wards



It was a wonderful facial. Staff is very nice and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend it.


Linda Wang



Fist of fury!  My husband and I immensely enjoyed this place!  Don't expect Spa Sydell fru fru massages with its feathery touches....this is the real thing.   Expect to hurt but the benefit is thousand folds!


Wendy K.





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